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About Us

Leading Clay Roof Tiles Manufacturers

Makers of Clay Roof &Weatherproof Tiles, since 1981

Sri Rama Krishna Clay Products established in 1981 to manufacture clay roofing tiles (also known as Terracotta tiles) and flooring tiles in a small village Nehru Nagar, Telangana State.The factory has produced employment for 70 locals and played a role in the livelihood of villagers. 

Our brand, 'SRCT’ has become synonymous with high durability, even bright natural colour, scratch resistance in the segment of clay roof tiles in the minds of our customers over the last 37 years, adding beauty & cooling to the homes with the use of natural clay throughout all seasons is our passion which steered us to produce the best quality clay roof and weather coat tiles. 

Our range extends from Flooring Tiles, Elevation Decorative Tiles, Wall Decorative & Edge tiles

Clay Flooring Tiles are in a variety of shapes and sizes for Indoor and Outdoor use ;

  • Facade Tiles and Decorative Tiles for Walls and Ceiling.
  • Range of Tiles for Sloped Roof.

Design & Quality

Roofs made from clayroof tiles offer the best protection for houses against weather and wet conditions. They are durable, cost efficient and their color does not fade. Architects, designers, and clients benefit from a wide selection of shapes, colours, and sizes. At SRK Tiles, you will find the right tile to meet every house design and functional need.

Modern buildings and Green buildings are extensively using the heat-resistant natural clay roof tiles to reduce the temperatures inside and which will save electricity as well.


Founded by Mr.KV Rama Reddy, a veteran in Terracotta clay & decorative tiles setting high-quality standards and now his son Mr. K Vikram Reddy, a young dynamic leader with a keen interest in retaining product quality, customer satisfaction also increased the design variations and manufacturing technology. 

Plant& Work force

Our Industry at Telangana employs state-of-the-art machines. Production is mechanized and monitored for quality at all stages. We employ a very dynamic and committed team of employees who share the passion to produce the best tiles for our customers. 

Clay Tiles Market Presence & Competence

SRK tiles are the leading suppliers of Clay Roof tiles in Chennai, Roof tiles in Madurai, Weathering tiles in Coimbatore. Our roofing odu tiles price or Clay roof tile price in Tamil Nadu and the guaranteed quality you can compare with any decorative clay tiles manufacturers. The best Natural clay roof tile with powder quality is good Heat resistant roofing tiles compared to any roof cooling products in the market.

Customers used Clay Weathering roof tiles as an alternative to white cooling roof tiles and for Green buildings.SRK Tiles manufacture the most Durable and Cost-effective Weathering Course for Open Terrace, protecting your building from hot weather and all seasons.

Properties & Benefits of Clay roof tiles

  • Heat Proof - Reduces temperature inside a building (2-4 degrees)
  • Increase the elegance of house or office
  • Adds richness to outdoors
  • Resistance to Chemical & Water
  • Leak-Resistant 

Different names for Clay Tiles

  • Thattuodu, Mangalore Tiles, Kerala Tiles.
  • Terracotta, Weatherproof, Clay Roof Tiles
  • Decorative Wall Tiles, Roof Tiles, De aired clay tiles
  • Terracotta roofing tiles & flooring tiles

Used by Architects

  • Terrace floor
  • Outer Walls of the house
  • Heritage buildings
  • House inclinations
  • Rooftop sit-outs
  • Villa Porticoes
  • Swimming pools walkways
  • Garden walkways
  • Flooring
  • Outer & Inner Wall
  • Weather course
  • Heatproof and leak resistance Roofing 

why choose SRK Tiles

Key Benefits

1. Manufacturers of Clay Tiles since1981
2. Natural Even Terra cotta colour
3. Natural cooling - Reduces temperature inside building (2-4 degrees)
4. Precise design finish & tile sitting
5. Product Guarantee – Does not melt
6. Range of Designs
7. Resistance to Scratch & Chemicals
8. Acoustic Performance
9. Fire resistance
10. High durability
11. Increase the elegance of house &office
12. Adds richness to outdoors
13. 100% Natural clay product
14. Strong Supply chain

why choose SRK Tiles

Replacement Gurantee

SRK Clay tiles will not melt or break while laying on the roofs or floors. Our Clay Tiles are machine pressed with equalstregths, dried & heated above 1000 degrees uniformily across

We offer replacement gurantee

why choose SRK Tiles

Design & Durability

Whether it is for a new build, renovation work, SRK clay roof tiles offer a wide range of possibilities for designing roofs, outdoors and porticoes.

SRK Clay Tiles are perfect for sophisticated, modern, residential as well as for the Green buildings. With SRK’s durable & evenly Klin burnt natural colour weathering tiles, roofs & porticoes gain heritage & elegant designs and uniform appearances.

why choose SRK Tiles

Natural Cooling

Made of fine natural clay.

Natural clay weatherproof tiles are made from commonly occurring natural materials from river, which are mixed with water, formed into the desired shape, and fired in a kiln in order to give the clay mixture a permanent bond.

Finished structural clay products display such essential properties as load-bearing strength, resistance to wear, resistance to chemical attack, attractive appearance, and an ability to take a decorative finish.